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Hetta and Eek Lake Habitat Mapping - Factsheet

In 2012, partners (The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Hydaburg Cooperative Association (HCA) partnered on this project under a grant awarded by NOAA and administered by the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund) in this project set out to map baseline salmon distribution and habitat conditions in Hetta and Eek Lake watersheds in Southeast, Alaska. These productive sockeye salmon systems are the primary subsistence fi shery for the community of Hydaburg, and are under consideration for timber development in the near future. The objectives were to: 1) Document the full extent of anadromous water bodies in each watershed, 2) Map salmon habitat characteristics and spawning activity, and 3) Document baseline water quality and fl ow. This project also enabled local residents to explore and participate in the management of their fishery through employment opportunities.

Data and Resources

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Status: Ongoing
Type: Project
Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP)

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