North Slope Science Initiative

North Slope Science Initiative

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Alaska Data Integration Working Group (ADIwg)

The “Alaska Data Integration Working Group” (ADIwg) was formed to examine and address the technical barriers to efficiently integrate and share data within and among participating organizations.

The ADIwg evolved from, and supports the common interests of, the North Slope Science Initiative Oversight Group (NSSI), Alaska Ocean Observing System Board (AOOS), the Arctic Research Mapping Application (ARMAP) North Pacific Research Board (NPRB), the Alaska Climate Change Executive Roundtable (ACCER), and their member agencies.

From the outset, ADIwg divided its broad mission into three phases: 1) manage and exchange ‘project’ metadata; 2) manage and exchange ‘data’ metadata; and 3) exchange data.

Data and Resources

Status: Ongoing
Start Date: 2009/11/01
Type: Project
Primary Agency
North Slope Science Initiative

Other Agencies
US Geological Survey, Alaska Ocean Observing System, National Park Service, US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, North Pacific Research Board

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